Hi, my name is Daniel I’m from El Salvador located at Central America we are a little country which is a little bridge that connects North and South America.

I am software developer that has been into so many adventures, solving, learning and sharing. I didn’t realized how fast the time is going and now here I am with more than 10 years of experience in Software development.

I started my journey as Java developer where I stayed for more than eight years, from Java 4 to Java 8 from stand alone application, web development, web services, and cloud (AWS).

Eventually I jumped into DevOps working mostly with CI/CD which I think it gives me a new fresh air on my career and I really love how that is linked with new world of how to develop a solution to get a wider view not encapsulating myself in How to create an application but how to delivery it and keep a history of their development more interesting, safe, reliable and reproducible.

I could extend more about myself and my experience but instead I would like to share a brief list of the things I have worked with. You might find it a bit weird but fore sure I have enjoyed!

  • Java

    • Java EE: JDBC, JMS, EJB 3, JPA, JSF, Restful, SOAP
    • Spring: Spring framework, Eureka, Config Server, Spring Data, Spring security.
    • Application servers:
      • Oracle Weblogic 11g, 12c
      • Glassfish
      • Apache Tomcat
  • Reporting tools:

    • Oracle BI
    • Jasper Studio, Jasper Server
  • Databases:

    • Oracle DB
    • MySQL
    • Topics:
      • Views, Stores procedures, PL/SQL, Triggers, SQL
  • Cloud:

    • AWS: Rekognition, Lambda, S3, EC2, IAM, ECS, EFS, etc.
  • DevOps

    • Jenkins:

      • Declarative pipelines (Groovy based)
      • Freestyle jobs
      • A lot of plugins and solid core understanding.
        • K8 agents, Docker agents, Azure agents, Jenkins agents
        • Oauth
        • Deployment to Kubernetes, Openshift, SSH based connectivy
        • Webhooks prebuilt or customs
    • Kubernetes and Openshift

      • DeploymentConfig
      • Services
      • Routes
      • SCC
      • Roles
      • Mesh